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 Bit of last minute work this week

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Ian V

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PostSubject: Bit of last minute work this week   April 22nd 2010, 7:11 pm

Well as 'proper' work was a little slow this week I decided to finally get the aircon leak sorted on the Vette. Been putting it off for a while now, as not an easy job. The leak had been traced to one of the seals in the compressor, and I had a guy lined up to strip and overhaul it for me.

To get the compressor off first the cooling system needed draining, then the water pump removed, then you could finally get to remove the compressor, although it was still a tight fit to get over the steering rack. Anyway, now reconditioned and refitted. Going to have the system recharged in the morning, and hopefully all will be well.

Whilst I was at it, the oil and filter has been changed, and the bolt to the main pulley checked and nipped up as they have a habit of working loose over time.

The cars just sailed straight through a new MOT so all's ready now I hope !

Final clean up on Saturday and then we are all ready for CotG on Sunday. bounce
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Bit of last minute work this week
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