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 So no P45 for winky then (yet)

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Ian V

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PostSubject: So no P45 for winky then (yet)   May 7th 2010, 8:34 am

Just how stupid must the majority of people in this bl**dy country be ??? Winky and his cronies have royaly f*cked this country over for the next decade at least, and yet come the time to out them people still vote for them in huge numbers. Are they that stupid that they can't see what he has done to this counties finance, we are virtally bankrupt !

As for the Tories, well words fail me. If ever there should have been a landslide victory now was the time, but 'call me Dave' clearly isn't the man for the job. He, in my opinion, is nowhere strong enough to be PM. He is weak and lacks the balls to give Winky or anyone else a hard time. The Tories should have 'walked' this election, but found themselves being almost even in the polls with the Lib Dems.

So we wake this morning to the outlook of a hung parliament with Winky at the helm initially whilst he trys to do deals to save his job. Joy of joys !! You can forget any 'recovery' now. The sh*t is about to hit the fan big time, I can see this country going the same way as Greece I sorry to say.

A very bad day indead. Crying or Very sad
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Nigel Lewis


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PostSubject: Re: So no P45 for winky then (yet)   May 7th 2010, 11:06 am

Go on Ian, get it off your chest, you will feel a lot better lol!

Have to agree though, a lost opportunity for sure. Only certainty, and that is, the motorist will get hammered yet again whatever happens
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So no P45 for winky then (yet)
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